Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Časlav-Pilot takes off

For a year we have been a member of the Unity in diversity project team that have been building from the modules a gadget for professional language learning. Our work has made such progress that now we can start testing our machine in operation. Our language teachers were the first ones who could try piloting it.

The pre-flight preparation took place in the computer lab, where the conception and content of the e-learning platform was introduced to them. Currently it consists of two courses for professional language learning. The former A2/B1 course enables learning in 16 languages. The latter is the course of professional English language in B2/C1 level, which besides common language exercises includes case studies.

After the briefing the teachers with their loggins could start the engines of our machine, grasp a control stick and begin flying through the tasks of both courses. The platform offers four main types of tasks. Multiple choice exercises where you have to find the correct answer among three given options. True or false statement exercises that you have to check according to the given text. Matching exercises where you choose from a drop-down menu. Gap-fill exercises where you choose the missing words from a given list. Furthermore, you can play online games, such as Millionaire, Hangman, Snakes and Ladders or solve a crossword or cryptex to check new vocabulary. It is also possible to walk in a village, seaside and ski resort thanks to the interactive maps.

We thank our brave pilots for their test flight. Their experience evaluated with a questionnaire will be an important feedback for us so that we can improve our e-learning platform.

Pavel Kluh

Project manager





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