Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Riga meeting April 2017 Primrose Report

The meeting was held on two days in Riga, the fascinating capital of Latvia. It was attended by colleagues from each of the  partner institutions:  Turiba University (Latvia), Ekonomska šola Murska Sobota (Slovenia), IPSSA Nino Bergese (Italy), Universitatea Sapientia din Cluj-Napoca (Romania),) Tourism & Catering School Dubrovnik (Croatia), Primrose Publishing (UK) 

Although only a short period had elapsed since the project meeting in January in Vilnius, there was still a lot to be discussed. 

As always at these meetings, lively discussions were held on many subjects. There was still concern about the case studies.  Some  of the subjects chosen by partners had been downloaded from the Internet with the inevitable result that much of the language was of doubtful quality. 

I reported on the additions and modifications that I have completed on the digital maps. I have added the names of the additional languages now included in the new project, inserted a lot of photographs to make the maps appear more real, and corrected a number of items where the text needed to be improved. 

I explained that the maps should ideally be used on a PC or laptop, because it is rarely possible to access the photos on a smartphone, and the text can only be read comfortably by enlarging small sections of the screen.  On a good-sized tablet the results are rather better, but are still not ideal.

I gave an account of the real interest generated by the series of disseminations that I gave in Italy in March, especially in the four smartphone apps. 

The visit was rounded off by a long walk through a lovely area of countryside but it rained so persistently that much of the pleasure was lost.

David Sephton


Primrose Publishing Ltd




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