Report on dissemination at Expo fair, Genoa 15th October 2018

“Risto Expo young cup”

IPSSA “Nino Bergese”


On 15th October 2018 we had a dissemination at Expo fair, during the event ‘Ristoexpo  young cup’ where many students, teachers and stakeholders attended the meeting with a lot of interest. 

We had a brief presentation on the ‘Language skills and intercultural issues in the hospitality industry: unity in diversity in the EU labour market’.

We highlighted the projects’ aims and contents and we demonstrated how to access and use the e-learning platform. 

Many people were really interested in the new e-platform. We handed out leaflets and answered questions on the project. 

The feedback was extremely positive.


Simona Pelizzari

Nino Bergese project manager, Italy



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