Effective Professional Language Learning

“In the contemporary world under the conditions of a severe competition the development of tourism is rapidly growing and creates new challenges: one of these is to acquire not only new foreign language skills, but also intercultural skills that play a particularly important role in the everyday life of those providing efficient customer service. Therefore, an idea was created to develop and design easy to use and contemporary study material that offers a possibility to acquire and practice various language skills, based on the existing language level”.

Based on the results gained during the course piloting team members of Turiba University have written an article on how to learn new languages for occupation using the created blended-learning course.

The article by Viola Ēvele and Anda Komarovska “Effective Professional Language Learning” has been published in the Scientific Journal of Turiba University “Acta Prosperitatis 10”. You can read the article on: http://www.turiba.lv/f/2019/Acta_Prosperitatis_No.10_FINAL.pdf

Prof. Ineta Luka

Latvian project team manager