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Six disseminations in Italy by Primrose Publishing Ltd.

Primrose Publishing Ltd  Disseminations Italy March 2017  :  

5th Dissemination  Hotel family:  Piccolo Hotel Gurschler, Kurzras, Italy

It was snowing almost the entire week so I was focused to spend most of the time in the hotel and interacting with the staff.  I have been going there for twenty years and the family that runs the hotel treats me almost as one of the family.

The eldest daughter is responsible for finance and deputises for her mother who owns the hotel. Her two brothers are very capable. One runs the bar and the other is the technology expert. The younger sister helps the mother run the kitchen and restaurant. They have all been very interested in our two projects and are always keen to learn about whatever new we are doing.. I have a ready audience and they are enthusiastic and very friendly. So I spent almost the etnire week either doing a series of mini disseminations in small groups , or emailing on my tablet.

Martina, the eldest daughter, has asked if she be regarded as the project’s unofficial nominated representative.  She is really interested to help promote the project.

6th Dissemination Hotel staff:   Piccolo Hotel Gurschler, Kurzras, Italy

Other disseminations were given to non-members of the family.  Most of them had worked in the hotel for the twenty years that I have been staying there and were all very friendly and interested.  They have been there a long time and have all attended previous dissemination.

It was not possible to have many of them together for a big presentation because the bad weather meant that the other guests were mostly in the hotel and were constantly requiring attention. As a result, I was frequently giving mini-disseminations to small groups on specific things: the digital maps, the 4 apps, the lists of 50 dishes and so on.

7th Dissemination  Tourism Service Company   Kurzras, Italy

I always have at least one session with my very good friend Wally Ossi. He is a valuable person in Kurzras and is always ready to help visitors whatever their problem.

He has been keenly interested in our two EU projects from the start. Before that he was a keen supporter of my Tick-Tack range of language programs on DVD. Many people in Kurzras used them for improving their competence in some of the fifty languages that Primrose Publishing supplied in computer programs.

I keep him well-informed .of new developments in our project range and demonstrate new items whenever I visit Kurzras. He is very affable and talkative and I know he speaks enthusiastically to people who visit him about our materials.

8th Dissemination  Thomas Rainer

Thomas was the Receptionist and assistant manager of the first hotel I stayed in, in Kurzras.  We got on very well together and became good friends. Sadly, the owner sold the hotel. Thomas lost his job because the new owner had his own staff, and I moved to a different hotel for my future visits.

Thomas moved to a hotel in a village a little further down the valley, the Goldenes Kreuz, and became the assistant hotel manager.  I visited him there and gave several disseminations. On this visit I invited him to dinner in the Hotel Gurschler and we had a really enthusiastic evening together.  It became my 8th dissemination because he wanted to have me demonstrate a number of things that he was especially interested in.

It became a very excited evening and the rest of the hotel guests were surprised by the enthusiasm that was aroused. He says he often demonstrates the digital maps because so many people enjoy playing with them.

9th Dissemination:  School in Naturno, Italy

Margit Blaas

This dissemination sprang out of  an unexpected encounter. On the day I was beginning my journey home from Kurzras in Italy I was in the station at Naturno having a problem buying a ticket from the ticket machine for the electric train to the next town Merano.

A kind local woman offered to help and showed me the rather complex procedure. She was also going the same way as I was, in fact for nearly three hours, and we got talking.  She turned out to be a teacher in the local school and was particularly keen to help her students improve their language skills. She spoke both Italian and German as her native languages. She also has good written English though did not mention it till we started emailing.

As we talked, she got more and more interested in our project and we spent almost three hours together. I gave her a considerable dissemination.

Since then we have exchanged about a dozen emails. She is interested in the possibility of my giving a dissemination to her teacher colleagues the next time I visit Kurzras – and maybe to some to her students. 

10th Dissemination:  Hotel staff:  Star Inn Hotel Salzburg

Alwin Dittrich

Sophie Farmer

Veronica Quintero

 As there was no late flight back from Salzburg to London Stansted, I had booked to stay the Saturday night in a hotel close to Salzburg airport.

I had not stayed there before and I was surprised how friendly and talkative the three hotel staff were. They wanted to know what I was doing. When I told them about our EU project they got very interested and I spent a long time telling them about everything we are doing.

I promised to email them the links to the 4 apps and the digital maps and to keep them informed of our new developments. This I have already done.


David Sephton


Primrose Publishing Ltd

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Project Dissemination at the Education fair “Skola 2017” in Riga, Latvia

Just like every year Turiba University presented the study opportunities in the exhibition „School 2017” in Kipsala International Exhibition Centre. This exhibition took place for three days – from the 24th of February till the 26th of February. In Turiba University stand everyone interested was presented more than 20 Bachelor, Master and Doctoral study programmes in Business Administration, Law Sciences, Tourism and Hospitality Management, as well as Public Relations and Journalism.

During the first day (24.02.) of the exhibition the “Unity in Diversity” project was disseminated as well. Project leaflets were distributed. The project team members informed members of different Latvian VET schools connected with Tourism and Hospitality sector and other attendants about the new project and the possibilities to use the study platform and the learning materials created in their study process.

Project team members

Anete Veipāne and Evita Vecvagare


Turiba University, Latvia

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.