Monday, June 17, 2019
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International day 2018

For the 5 th time Vilnius Business College organized the International Day for international students, during which students studying here as well as those from other higher education institutions came together for joint meeting and celebration. VVK director Jolanta Skirgailė expressed her joy that the community of international students grows larger and stronger every year, and this Day is a nice occasion for everybody to know one another and get acquainted with cultures of other countries. 

The celebration started with the event organized by NGOs Information and Support Centre in cooperation with the College. This year’s topic was “Studies in Lithuania: what’s next? Employment of international students in Lithuania”. During the workshop visiting speakers talked about the job market in Lithuania, procedure of issuing temporary work and study visas, the expanding sectors that might be of interest to international students. Ričardas Jaščemskas, a member of the council of Lithuanian Game Developers Association, spoke about the sector of computer games. A representative of one of the largest job seekers’ portals “CV online” Rita Karavaitienė noted that IT sector remains the leading one, wherein the demand for employees remains the highest. She provided students with practical advice on how to prepare for a job interview, which employees are currently in highest demand in the job market and which employers may be of interest for international students in Lithuania. 

After the event there was a celebration when students offered national dishes of their countries, presented their culture, danced, sang, communicated and rejoiced in their friendship.

Vakaris Šaulys

Project manager of Lithuanian team




Dissemination 12/13/14 November 2018

 Salone Orientamento at Porto Antico Genoa

On 12/13/14 November 2018 we had a dissemination at ''Salone Orientamento during a conference between stakeholders, journalists and students from many schools in Genoa.

We presented the new project  ‘Language skills and intercultural issues in the hospitality industry: unity in diversity in the EU labour market’.

 After describing the work already done and showing some photos about the meetings in every country we projected a Powerpoint presentation describing the projects’ aims and contents and we provided detailed information.

Simona Pelizzari

Nino Bergese project manager, Italy



Dissemination at Villa Sauli, Nino Bergese “Parco del basilico” on 18th October 2018


On 18th October 2018 Ipssa Nino Bergese organised a dissemination session at Villa Sauli  for ‘parco del basilico’. The busy event provided an excellent opportunity to present the ‘Unity in Diversity’ project to students, stakeholders and teachers. After gaining detailed information on the project and its contents during class discussion, the students from Nino Bergese brought it to the attention of the event participants who were actively involved in the dissemination process and appeared interested in  the work done.

Simona Pelizzari

Nino Bergese project manager, Italy







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