Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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Piloting finished!

On Thursday, 30 November, the last piloting of the K2 + project took place. Since 20 November four modules have been piloted in the first and second class of our college. Three of them at C1 and one at B1 level. In a case study from the Intercultural Module the students prepared for a trip to Turkey, so they will not be astonished by different body language of native speakers in the future. From the national modules, the students chose Lithuania and its beauty and cultural traditions, which they could compare with traditions in our country. Not to get lost during their visits to foreign countries, they practiced both city and hotel orientation with the help of interactive maps.
The employees of the Town Hall and Museum in Čáslav also took part in piloting, as part of corporate English courses. They also prepared for future trips to the Turkish Riviera and Turkish traditions. Moreover they “cooked” some of the traditional Czech dishes not to be hungry on their journey. Unfortunately they didn´t have enough time to try Turkish cuisine during the lesson, but they can do this as their homework.

Pavel Kluh, Časlav team manager, Czech Republic


Our secondary school students could try Erasmus + learning platform on-line

In the week from 20th to 24th November 2017, a pilot of the educational platform http://esolams.eu/unity/, which the teachers of our school helped to create within the Erasmus + project “Unity in diversity”, was held at our school. First, the students learned how this e-learning platform looks and how it works.

They also familiarized with some modules such as City - getting oriented, Management offices, Hotel reception, Hotel business center or Country module and Intercultural module. Individual modules are at different language levels, so everyone can find a level that suits them. For example, the students tried to find places in interactive maps, find information in texts, answer questions based on listening or video, or solve different quizzes. At the end of the piloting, each group filled in a questionnaire which confirmed that the overwhelming majority of the students evaluated the platform positively and recommended it to other foreign language students.

Pavel Kluh, Ćaslav team manager, Czech Republic


Piloting with Media and Computer Games and Interactive Media students at Vilnius Business College, November 23, 2017

On November 23, 2017 Vilnius Business College organized a third UID project piloting session with IT students. The participants were Interactive Media students as well as Media and Computer Games students of the first year of studies. There were 10 participants all in all. The students piloted a freely chosen module from A2/B1 and a module from B2/C1. Students were introduced into the possibilities the e-platform offers and tried out the tasks in their chosen modules. This was an innovative way of studying languages as a change from books. A new method of studying is sure to enter students’ independent learning and self-study. 

Vakaris Šaulys, VBC team manager, Lithuania





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