Monday, June 17, 2019
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Primrose Publishing’s first dissemination in the new EU project, 17 October 2016

The first dissemination that Primrose Publishing undertook in the new EU project, which began on 1st September 2016, was at a school in Slovenia where the company has had very close and successful ties for many years: Srednja šola za gostinstvo in turizem Celje. As the project’s first meeting of partners was being held in Slovenia,, the school was an obvious choice.

SSGT is a catering and tourism school located in Celje, a town in central Slovenia.  On several occasions in recent years the school has sent a team of teachers to Cambridge University where Primrose Publishing has been running a very successful six-day course on “Euro Skills”. The school’s headmaster, who also took part in one of them, was one of the most enthusiastic supporters of these Euro Skills courses.

The offer to hold a dissemination event at the school, following the project’s meeting of partners in Murska Sobota, was welcomed enthusiastically. Its form was agreed with the headmaster who was keen for his top class to take part in a round-table discussion in English attended by one of the senior teachers. It took place on 17th October 2016.

The event proved extremely effective. Many of the 18 students had an opportunity to express their views in English on a variety of subjects related to our new EU project, and in particular the need for hotel staff and others working in tourism to improve their language skills. The aims and activities of the project were explained in detail and all the students expressed a wish to have access to many of the items, especially the descriptions of 50 national dishes of each country`involved, the four smartphone apps and the digital maps.

David Sephton

Manager of Primrose Publishing LTD. UK




Dissemination at Salone del Gusto and Terra madre

Turin (Italy) 22.09.2016

On 22nd September 2016 IPSSA Nino Bergese hotel and catering school attended “ Salone del Gusto “ a slow food event hosted by the municipality of Turin aiming at promoting international food culture: 7000 delegates from 143 countries were invited at the event.

Nino Bergese school staff in collaboration with Regione Liguria had its own stand at the fair, which allowed students and teachers to provide information about the school and its courses. This was also a great opportunity to disseminate on our old Erasmus+ and the new project “Unity and Diversity” which was presented to the public by students and teachers who described the contents and finalities of the project in detail and answered the many questions asked by the great number of people who showed interest in it. The feedback received was very positive and encouraging.

Simona Pellizzari

Manager of IPSSA Nino Bergese project team, Italy


Dissemination at Nino Bergese 13.09.2016

On 13th September 2016 a dissemination session concerning the new Erasmus + project “Language skills and intercultural issues in the hospitality industry: unity in diversity in the EU labour market” (No. 2016-1-HR01-KA202-022160) was held at Nino Bergese hotel and catering school in Genoa (Italy).

The project dissemination was carried out during the first teachers' meeting for the new school year summoned by the headmaster prof Angelo Capizzi.

A lot of teachers attended the meeting, some of whom were new in the school, therefore we had to briefly introduce the Keyskills project which paved the way to our current project .

Power point presentations were used to introduce the contents and finalities of both projects which allowed us to stress the importance of the outcomes and positive feedback achieved so far. A brief demonstration on how to use the online tools and materials caught the attention of a lot of participants, who, as a consequence asked the project team a lot of interesting questions. A good number of teachers and school staff members also showed their co-operative interest in the project and their willingness to be actively involved in its future steps.


Simona Pellizzari

Manager of IPSSA Nino Bergese project team, Italy






This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.