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Dissemination of project for British students at Ekonomska šola Murska Sobota, Višja strokovna šola

On Saturday, 21 July 2018, the participants of the EU project »Placements in Environmental, Archaeological and Traditional Skills – PEATS« took part in the presentation of the EU project »Unity in Diversity«. The students from Great Britain were on mobility, doing their work placement in the Prekmurje region in Slovenia within the above-mentioned project. First I introduced the previous project »Key Skills for Hotel Industry Staff« so that they could easier follow the presentation of the project »Unity in Diversity«. I presented the material for A2/B1 in different languages so that they could see the variety of languages and explained that the platform offers 16 language courses altogether. I also presented the material for the B2/C1 language level. Then I went on with the courses for A1 language level, also available in 16 languages. As they had been in Slovenia for only a few days at that time and they wanted to learn some Slovenian words and phrases, they found the platform very useful. They also liked the variety of different language levels – from A1 to C1. I also mentioned that the platform and all the material from the project will be accessible free for anyone who wants to learn a new language or improve their language skills as well as for students, teachers, people employed in the hotel industry or tourists as soon as the project finishes in autumn 2018. I also gave them leaflets about the project to find more information and contact data. 


Erna Vöröš

Project manager of Slovenian team



Report on Dubrovnik meeting June 2018

This took place in the beautiful and tranquil setting of a small bay on the Dubrovnik Riviera about 15 km south of the city. This is where the hotel was situated It consisted of a number of villas separated by wooded areas leading down to a rocky beach with views across to nearby islands. 

It was the culmination of the present project and included a multiplier event in which all partners brought their stakeholders so that everyone taking an active part in the project could see the results, share their views, form their opinions and make their comments. 

The event itself included detailed reports on what the project had sought to do and what had so far been achieved, and individual presentations by some of the partners on their particular contributions. 

Having been responsible in this project and the previous project for creating and maintaining the digital maps and the four smartphone apps I was asked to summarize the work done and give an assessment of the reactions they had generated amongst the key users of the materials created by the project. This included a description of how the smartphone apps are used along with screenshots on a large display. 

During the event it was a special pleasure to make the acquaintance of many of the stakeholders and to renew friendships with others that we had previously worked with.  I was asked to introduce the Italian stakeholder who gave a report on the detailed involvement that she had had with the project.  

The event itself was on the Monday. This was followed by the final meeting of partners to check the results so far and agree the work that still had to be completed before the project ends on 31st August. A highlight of the trip was a guided tour of the old city of Ragusa/Dubrovnik and a visit to an ancient water-mill producing olive-oil, situated over a small river in a pretty village. 

The meeting itself ended with an excellent lunch prepared by the students, in the Croatian partner’s school situated high up on a hill giving a wonderful view over Dubrovnik’s harbour. It was a fitting culmination of a fascinating get-together, splendidly organized by the Croatian partner.


David Sephton


Primrose Publishing Ltd

Unity in Diversity – Multiplier Event at Sapientia University

On 13 June 2018, the Campus of Miercurea Ciuc of Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania hosted the multiplier event of the Erasmus+ project entitled Language skills and intercultural issues in the hospitality industry: unity in diversity in the EU labour market.  

Multilingualism has become an essential part of our lives while language, intercultural and digital competences play an important role in the labour market. This is the central idea of our project, the main aim of which was to develop, together with the other eight partner countries, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Turkey and the UK, a multilevel, interactive online language teaching and learning material primarily for those working and studying in the hospitality industry but also for anyone interested in the language and culture of other countries:

1)     an A1 level material, available in 16 languages (also in Hungarian and Romanian),

2)     an A2/B1 level material, also available in 16 languages,

3)     an advanced level (B2/C1 and C1) English language material.

An outstanding aim of the project was also to create an online learning platform where these materials can be accessed. After registration, the materials are available, free of charge, on the site:

      During the multiplier event, Dr Erika-Mária Tódor, head of the Department of Humanities greeted those present, then the members of Sapientia team presented the project and its methodology, the Open Educational Resources (OER) in general, the language materials and online games. During the workshop following the presentations the participants could also try them out in the computer labs, with the help of the team members.

 Dr Zsuzsanna Ajtony 

Sapientia team coordinator








This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.