Friday, May 25, 2018
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Piloting at Turiba University Piloting 25.04.2018

On 25 April, 2018 Vicente Navas Mesa, a lecturer of Spanish from Turiba University, Latvia, had the last workshop session in which all the students who had done A1 Spanish course piloting were invited to clarify the unclear issues. Just one student has used this opportunity and with the assistance of the Spanish language teacher. The student worked on those issues that were not very clear to him as the student had started his Spanish studies just in February. The student was happy about this opportunity as he had practised at home doing online tasks a lot and now he could do face-to-face part as well.

Ineta Luka

Latvian project manager


Piloting at Turiba University Piloting 24.04.2018

A1 course piloting is still continuing. On 24 April, 2018 Vicente Navas Mesa, a lecturer of Spanish from Turiba University, Latvia, piloted the A1 Spanish language course with the first year Tourism management students. The group started their studies just in February, so this is their first semester of the Spanish language learning. Four students participated in the workshop. One student has piloted the first three modules only, whereas the other three students managed to do some tasks in each module. Although they had just started learning Spanish, none of them considered that it took them too long time to do the tasks. As they told, the timing was very good and they could manage to learn many new things and strengthen their vocabulary in practice.

All of them have written lots of useful ideas on the course in the open question space provided for students’ comments. This is very significant for us when we are considering course improvements.

Detailed results of the feedback forms will be analysed in the course piloting report at the end of the semester.

Ineta Luka

Latvian project manager


The Project Presented at International Scientific Conference of Turiba University on 19 April, 2018

On 19 April, 2018 Turiba University, Latvia, held its annual international scientific conference. This year’s conference „Latvia 100: Expectations, Achievemnts and Challenges” was the XIX conference organised by the University and it was focussing on a wide spectrum of topics related with Latvia, its history and development:

Professor Ineta Luka published an article „Developing Students’ Language and Intercultural Competences in an Interactive Blended-Learning Language Course” in the Conference Proceedings, which is available on and made a presentation in the conference.

Ineta Luka

Latvian project manager





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