Public Documents

A2 B1 Joint Course Syllabus 2016

B2 C1 Course Syllabus 2016

Turiba conference paper

Developing students' language and intercultural competences in a interactive blended-learning language course

Report on O1

Report on Multiplier event-ITALY-UK-E4

Sustainability Project Plan

Project Quality Assurance Plan

Report on O2

Report on multiplier event / final conference-TUSDU, Croatia-E8

Report on Multiplier event in Časlav, CZ- E6

Report on O3

Report on A2/B1 and B2/C1 Course Piloting

Report on Multiplier Event -E7 in Riga, Turiba University

ECER 2018 Conference paper

Report on Multiplier Event Kutahya MEM -E5

A1 Course Syllabus 2017

Less Common Prepositional Phrases Used in Foreign Languages

A1 Joint  Pedagogical and Technical Guidelines

Course Certification and Course integration in Curricula

The General Internal Quality Report

Report on A1 Course Piloting

Report on Multiplier event-Sapientia- E3