Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Unity in Diversity – Final Project Meeting in Dubrovnik

Our Erasmus+ project entitled “Language skills and intercultural issues in the hospitality industry: unity in diversity in the EU labour market” is coming to an end. The 5th project meeting took place between 4-6 June 2018 and was hosted by the lead partner’s institution, Turistička i ugostiteljska škola Dubrovnik, Croatia, where the team of Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania was represented by Dr Zsuzsanna Ajtony and Katalin Sipos. Colleagues from the eight other partner countries (Croatia, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Turkey) took part in the event, together with one or two of their stakeholders.

The first day of the meeting consisted of an international conference during which we presented the project and its results to those interested and to the press. The main outcome of the project is a multi-level and highly interactive online and face-to-face language teaching and learning material, primarily designed for the hospitality industry and VET institutions, but also to anyone interested in intercultural issues (the e-learning platform of the project, where these materials are accessible is: http://esolams.eu/unity/). The A1 and the A2/B1 language course consists of language materials created in 16 languages (among others, Hungarian and Romanian), the B2/C1 course in English which also includes interactive maps and smartphone applications, as well as the English language C1 course which includes intercultural and country modules, drawing the users’ attention to the sensitivities of the cultures that the partner countries are responsible for.

During the conference, the task of Sapientia team was to present the B2/C1 and the C1 course. In doing this, Zsuzsanna Ajtony highlighted the materials that were created by Sapientia teachers. Similarly, Katalin Kolozsváry, stakeholder of Sapientia University, stressed the beneficial effect of the project, especially pointing out the fact that it enhances communication and problem-solving skills and develops learners’ “respect, openness and curiosity towards other cultures”.

The last two days of the meeting were necessary for the partners to assess the work that has been done and is still ahead until the end of August, and prepare the project sustainability plan.

Dubrovnik also welcomed us with its breathtaking sights, its appetizing meals and the unforgettable view of the Adriatic Sea. We would like to thank our hosts for their hospitality and for the perfect organization, and to all the partners for the fruitful collaboration we shared in the past two years! Hope to meet in later projects!


 Dr. Zsuzsanna Ajtony

 coordinator of Sapientia team

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Project Final Conference and Partner Meeting in Croatia, June 4 -6, 2017

The project final meeting was held in Dubrovnik, Croatia from June 4 to 6, 2018. On June 4, an international conference was organized inviting local teachers, language specialists, stakeholders from tourism and catering enterprises of Croatia, project partners from 9 countries and international experts from several countries who evaluated the project outputs created:

-        an interactive A1 level language learning course in 16 languages (CZ, DE, EN, ES, FR, GR, HR, HU, IT, LT, LV, RO, RU, SE, Si, TR),

-        an A2/B1 level language learning course in 16 languages, smartphone applications, interactive maps,

-        a blended-learning B2/C1 level English course – on-line tasks, case studies, problem solving tasks, web quests, etc.

-        an intercultural C1 level English course for on-line and face-to-face language learning.

During the Project Final Conference, the participants learnt the main methodologies of the project, the design and creation of the Learning Management System, the curricula designed, the various tasks created, etc. In order to learn how the learning platform functions, have a closer look at the tasks and materials created and prepare for using them in their language teaching classes or for autonomous learning, the conference participants also had hands-on-experience in specially organised workshops.

Turiba University was represented by two team members – Prof. Ineta Luka and lecturer Sundars Vaidesvarans.

More information on the partner meeting and final conference is available also on:

-        http://www.turiba.lv/en/aktualitates/the-department-of-languages-represented-at-international-conference-and-final-meeting-of-erasmus-project-unity-in-diversity-held-in-croatia/2837/

-        http://www.turiba.lv/lv/aktualitates/valodu-katedras-istenota-projekta-unity-in-diversity-starptautiska-konference-un-nosleguma-seminars-horvatija/2836/

-        https://www.draugiem.lv/bat/say/?pid=1793301870

-        https://twitter.com/Turiba/status/1006889689876332544

-        https://www.facebook.com/Biznesa.augstskola.Turiba/posts/1628165120613971

-        https://twitter.com/Turiba/status/1006889803265335298

Prof.Ineta Luka

Latvian project manager


Transnational project seminar for Latvian and Lithuanian language teachers held in Riga

The joint multiplier event of Latvia and Lithuania “Transnational Exploitation seminar in Latvia: the course “Unity in Diversity” for enhancement of VET learners’ employability” was held in Riga, Turiba University on May 11-12, 2018.

The aim of the seminar was to present to language teachers the project, methodology and materials produced for all 3 courses as well as exchange experience regarding practice in vocational education and training (VET) and create possible collaboration links between different VET institutions in partner countries (Latvia, Lithuania) in applying the project outputs thus securing the project sustainability.

The seminar was run as a two-day event. 10 language teachers from Lithuania and 28 language teachers from Latvia attended the seminar.

More information on the transnational seminar is available on:

-        http://www.turiba.lv/lv/aktualitates/valodu-katedras-istenota-erasmus-valodu-apguves-projekta-unity-in-diversity-rezultatu-izplatisanas-seminars-biznesa-augstskola-turiba/2811/

-        www.turiba.lv/en/aktualitates/international-multiplier-event-of-erasmus-project-unity-in-diversity-at-turiba-university/2812/

-        https://www.facebook.com/Biznesa.augstskola.Turiba/posts/1607706149326535

-        https://www.draugiem.lv/bat/say/?pid=1790390145

-        https://twitter.com/Turiba/status/999245538418741248

-        https://twitter.com/Turiba/status/999245875103846400

Prof. Ineta Luka

Latvian project manager






This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.